Understanding and Managing Fatigue

The Injury Prevention Academy, Episode 30: Understanding and Managing Fatigue with Mike Harnett After two years of a pandemic, fatigue has become a major issue for employers across all industries. More than two-thirds of American workers experience fatigue on the job,...

Tardigrade Talks

S02 E07 Mike Harnett Like a Girl: Fighting fatigue (& the boys) for a safer workplace Episode Summary In this episode, Mike Harnett, an international expert and award-winning keynote speaker on the science of fatigue who has consulted for numerous organizations...

The 16 Per Cent

The 16 Per Cent

After an intense investigation, over 300 contributing factors were identified, but the key contributors to this tragic event was a combination of poor work culture and fatigued workers,” Harnett explained. “From there, I was sent to Washington DC and Michigan to learn about these emerging topics called Human Factors and Ergonomics, and leaders in Australia were beginning to share their initial studies in Fatigue Management. They were really in their infancy. I’ve been augmenting my education and learnings ever since.”

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