Needs Assessment & Gap Analysis (NAGA)


This is step 1 in understanding how well you’re doing (or not doing) at understanding and managing fatigue related risk.
As knowledge of the impact of fatigue on business operations grows, it is imperative to build a strategic framework that is based on metrics to drive informed decision making. The result is a Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) that operates within your Safety Management System.

Consider the following:

  • Has fatigue been identified as a contributing factor to incidents in your organization?
  • Are you in compliance with acts and regulations related to fatigue?
  • Are you in sync with standards and industry recommended practices?
  • Do you know what your employees are saying about fatigue and their schedules?
  • What was the basis for your current schedule design?
  • Does your investigation process identify for the presence of fatigue related factors?

Solaris utilizes a proprietary Fatigue Needs Assessment and Gap Analysis (NAGA) tool. The NAGA is based on leading international research, guidelines and evidence-based best practice recommendations. At the completion of the assessment, you’re provided with a summary report of findings including a scorecard comparing actual fatigue risk management performance against potential performance.


Whether you have a mature system in place or are starting at square one, our NAGA will help you identify the gaps that are present and assist in setting your own targets and objectives.

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