Feb 18, 2021 - Solaris Fatigue Management announces strategic partnership with Shiftboard

Solaris Fatigue Management has teamed up with Shiftboard to supplement its fatigue risk management solutions. Shiftboard is a global, leading provider of workforce scheduling solutions for organizations with continuous and mission-critical operations. Backed by Shiftboard’s innovative technologies, organizations can optimize their workforce scheduling practices while reduce fatigue-related risk, optimizing crews and creating a better employee experience.

Oct 1, 2020 - New CSA Fatigue Risk Management Standard for First Responders

The CSA Group has announced the development of a new standard specific to fatigue risk amongst First Responders. Mike Harnett, President of Solaris Fatigue Management, will be providing subject matter expertise along with her extensive background in applying fatigue science principles into operational settings. This will be the first standard of its kind in the world. Anticipation is high and publication is slated for March, 2022.

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