Eyes Wide Shut: We Don’t Have a Fatigue Problem

Watch the UK presentation Eyes Wide Shut: We Don’t Have a Fatigue Problem

Fatigue is a chameleon. It disguises itself as a rules violation, a lapse of attention, non-compliance, or that catch-all phrase, “human error”. We are dealing with the consequences of fatigue-related incidents on a regular basis without even knowing it. It’s time to open our eyes and see how fatigue lurks not only in our workers, but hidden in the design and management of our work systems! Watch this enlightening webinar led by Mike Harnett, President of Solaris Fatigue Management, a renowned expert in the science of fatigue and safety management systems. Hosted by Construction Health and Wellbeing LTD’s founder, Jennie Armstrong. In this webinar, Mike will delve into the fundamental changes needed in planning work activities, designing schedules, and evaluating errors through the lens of fatigue. With her background in human factors and sleep neurobiology, Mike’s insights are invaluable for optimising worker health, safety, and performance. 

🎙️About Our Speaker: Mike Harnett Mike has worked with prestigious organizations such as the Canadian Standards Association, US Federal Rail Association, Transport Canada, and NASA. Her passion lies in guiding private industry to develop fatigue risk management plans and programs, making complex subjects accessible to all.

Watch the presentation: https://youtu.be/A0fBce90Iok?feature=shared  


Asleep At The Wheel

Brutally long days and erratic sleep lead to accidents, chronic disease and depression.

Sedentary Woes

Headaches, eye strain, repetitive strain disorder paired with disease from a sedentary lifestyle plague post- production.

Do you know where your fatigue-related risks are? Do you have the right strategies in place? If you’re worried about the impact of fatigue at the job site, or simply don’t know where to start, we’re here to help!

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