Understanding and Managing Fatigue

The Injury Prevention Academy, Episode 30: Understanding and Managing Fatigue with Mike Harnett

After two years of a pandemic, fatigue has become a major issue for employers across all industries. More than two-thirds of American workers experience fatigue on the job, and the prevalence of sleep deprivation results in billions of dollars in costs from lost productivity and increased injury rates. And with unprecedented turnover rates, employers need every available tool to combat fatigue and keep employees safe and engaged on the job. In the latest episode of the DORN Injury Prevention Academy Podcast, we’re joined by Mike Harnett, President of Solaris Fatigue Management. A prominent authority on the issue of fatigue, Mike shares a wealth of insight into the root causes of fatigue and how employers can better manage the problem among their workforces. We cover: – Fatigue in today’s workforce and what causes it – The negative mental health effects of fatigue and how they drive up costs for employers – Cost-effective, holistic solutions for fatigue management

Tardigrade Talks

S02 E07 Mike Harnett

Like a Girl: Fighting fatigue (& the boys) for a safer workplace

Episode Summary

In this episode, Mike Harnett, an international expert and award-winning keynote speaker on the science of fatigue who has consulted for numerous organizations including GM and NASA, talks to Dr. Joti Samra about growing up as a tomboy and working in a male-dominated field. She also shares her own family’s struggles with mental health and how that brought a passion for optimizing worker health, safety, and performance.

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