You can’t have success without buy-in from Leadership. This course is necessary to;

  • Solidify commitment, engagement and resources necessary to support programming efforts by providing a results oriented business case
  • Review of legal liabilities in addition to current regulations, standards, and industry best practices


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Fatigue Champions/Committees

 Someone needs to own the process.

Whether it’s an individual or a team effort, Solaris is here to help by training champions and facilitating discussions on how to develop your own internal fatigue risk management plan including training champions and facilitating discussions on how to develop their own internal fatigue risk management plan including

1) strategic policies and procedures, roles and responsibilities, and setting of target and objectives, etc; and

2) tactical applications to be used to identify, assess and control fatigue-related risk.



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 A worker is rubbing his eyes and moving slowly. The supervisor knows he has 4 more hours on shift performing safety sensitive tasks. What does the Supervisor do?

So often, we leave critical decision making in the hands of the Supervisor with no established procedures on how to handle these types of situations. Solaris has the answer by;

Providing anyone in a position of direct supervision over employees with tools and strategies relative to 1) identifying and monitoring worker fatigue; 2) incorporation of fatigue proofing strategies to reduce errors and incidents; and 3) refining investigative procedures to identify potential fatigue related factors and;

Incorporating current fatigue management policies and procedures that the organization has put in place.


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Employee AND FAMILY EduCation


Remember those famous words, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”? Not a good strategy

In today’s hectic world, evidence shows that we continue to cut back on sleep to fit in work, family, friends, and Netflix. So are we really showing up fit for duty?

Let’s give the employees the education they never received in school. Solaris can,

  • Take the complexity out of fatigue science and convert it to a simplified and innovative manner for all to understand
  • Provide personal strategies to improve sleep hygiene and promote alertness at work
  • Provide guidance on how to live a shift work lifestyle including eating at night, exercises for circadian stability, and how to enhance social and family relationships
  • Review current fatigue management policies and procedures that the organization has put in place 

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Open Call Certification Workshop


Please note that due to the current COVID-19 situation, Solaris has decided to postpone all open call workshops until such time that is safe to do so.

If you want to learn more about the science behind sleep and fatigue, or how to develop a fatigue risk management plan, look no further. Solaris has developed a certification workshop just for you which includes continuing education credits upon successful completion. With plenty of engaging activities and group projects, you’ll never be bored. This workshop will

  • Include a scientific review of causes, consequences, and controls for fatigue
  • Focus on how to evaluate current fatigue risk management efforts and guidance on how to develop a customized fatigue risk management plan


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