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Solaris Fatigue Management utilizes a human factors approach to mitigating fatigue related risk. Our goal is simple. Optimize worker health and safety while enhancing organizational performance.

The path to that goal is much more complex. That’s why we work in alliance with leading human performance and fatigue management specialists from across the globe to provide a comprehensive suite of fatigue related services that reflect current evidenced based science.

Solaris clients include government agencies, labor groups, safety associations, human resource groups and private industry.

Our Team

 Mike Harnett

Solaris Fatigue Management

Mike Harnett is a specialist in optimizing worker health, safety and performance utilizing a systems approach.  With over 30 years’ experience, she is regarded as a subject matter expert on the science of fatigue and risk management principles.

With a background in human factors and sleep neurobiology, Mike is recognized for her ability to integrate complex research into the specific operational context of an organization or industry sector.  She has been a consultant to various government agencies including the Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group), US Federal Rail Association (FRA), and NASA.

Mike continues to be an active participant on several CSA technical committees for the development of national standards, including

  • CSA Z1516: Fatigue Risk Management for First Responders (currently under development)
  • CSA Z1002: Hazard Identification and Elimination; Risk Assessment and Control
  • CSA Z1003: Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace

In 2019, she was co-author of Workplace Fatigue: Current Landscape and Future Considerations for the Canadian Standards Association.

In 2017, Mike was invited to participate as a subject matter expert for the National Safety Council Blue Ribbon Panel addressing fatigue in the United States.

In the private sector, Mike has guided airport authorities, airlines, municipalities, trucking, mining, manufacturing, utilities, oil& gas, construction, maritime, healthcare, arts & entertainment, and first responder sectors.

An award-winning speaker, she is an internationally sought-after presenter and educator.


Maria Elena Gómez-Meija

Maria Elena Gómez-Meija

Sr. Advisor, Human Factors
US and Latin America Operations

A recently retired US Air Force Major, Maria Elena served as Chief for both the Human Factors Branch & Human Performance Team at her last active duty assignment on Creech Air Force Base, NV.

With a background in physiology and psychology, she brings with her over 20 years’ experience as a performance enhancement professional. This includes the development and delivery of multifaceted fatigue management education and mitigation processes to leaders, maintenance crews, and aircrew.  Her accomplishments encompass fatigue education, endurance management, performance preservation, designated crew rest spaces, and smart scheduling practices.

Maria Elena’s fatigue expertise expanded as her involvement in mishap investigations underscored the growing need for fatigue education, training, actionable mitigation, and strategic, tailored scheduling strategies. As lead human factors investigator on a team that conducted a meta-analysis of 12 aircraft ground mishap investigations, she completed and co-authored a report that identified trends and provided key insights to prevent fatigue-related ground mishaps.

Maria Elena is exceptionally adept at distilling complicated research into targeted education to address safety hazards and obstacles to optimal performance. An active mentor, she has trained command physiologists and established the first ever panel for 100 aerospace medicine professionals.

Having led physiology teams on consulting missions to the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, and Chile, she is a passionate advocate for the development of resources to support burgeoning industry while promoting innovation within Latin American communities. 


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