Fatigue Systems Specialist (FSS) 4-Day Workshop

CDue to the ongoing Covid 19 crisis, we will be rescheduling our Vancouver FSS workshop towards the end of the year with a date yet to be determined.

In the first workshop of its kind, students learn how to establish a clearly-defined and measurable in-house Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) as well as how to assess and mitigate fatigue-related risk using scientifically-proven, evidence-based tools and strategies. To receive certification status and FSS Designation, participants will be evaluated during course activities and must submit documentation to demonstrate their knowledge after completion of the course. All participants will be provided with access to the FSS portal, filled with additional research and support resources.

What you will Learn – Day One: Understanding Fatigue

  • The science behind fatigue accumulation
  • The neurobiology of sleep
  • Fatigue impairment
  • Organizational factors contributing to fatigue
  • Personal factors contributing to fatigue

What you will Learn – Day Two: Assessing Fatigue-Related Risk

  • Introduction to a fatigue risk incident trajectory
  • A review of tools for shift schedule evaluation
  • Scientifically-backed analysis tools and technologies for the detection, monitoring, and intervention of fatigue
  • Error and incident analysis tools

What you will Learn – Day Three: Fatigue Risk Controls

  • Review of worker strategies
  • Review of organizational strategies
  • Program measurement and evaluation

What you will Learn – Day Four: How to Implement a Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS)

  • Introduction to a six-step management system
  • How to complete a needs assessment and identify critical gaps
  • The right way to collect stakeholder input
  • Establishing your strategic framework
  • Identifying key performance metrics
  • Tying your FRMS into your fit-for-duty process
  • Streamlining your FRMS with your safety management system

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