See what Conference Delegates are saying about Mike Harnett:

“Your talk really opened my eyes to sleep and my health, I really had no idea it was this important. ”

“I have to say that the conference was fantastic. There were many presentations that were fascinating, but I personally found yours THE BEST! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ”

“Thank you so much for your excellent presentation – content and delivery were terrific! You made some very important points which really resonated with the audience. We very much appreciate you making the time in your busy schedule to deliver this content; it certainly helped create some momentum around this topic! Many thanks! ”

“Most applicable session – the one I liked the best. ”

“Best speaker by far! ”

“Topic hit home…very knowledgeable…it’s about life not only work. Speaker topic very relevant and great presenter. ”

“This was a very good topic and very knowledgeable presenter. I have information and strategies that I can take back to my place of employment.”

“Very good presenter – kept us engaged & informed”

“Outstanding speaker! One of the best sessions I’ve heard in 25 years of attending HSE/HR conferences. Very dynamic, engaging, and thorough.”

“Speaker was very engaging, very funny. Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation.”

“It was the best session of the day!”

“Mike is a fabulous speaker. She simplified a very complex subject.”

“Even though I have heard her speak on this topic before, I found her to be a fantastic speaker, and learned something new. Well done!”

“Just excellent — good advice that’s doable.”

“Obviously very knowledgeable. Including the activity gets away from the numb butt syndrome that tends to spread upward. Entertaining and well worth the time spent.”

“Very well presented and very knowledgeable. The best four hours I spent in a while and not get bored. Excellent job!”

“Mike is a great speaker; my second time attending one of her sessions and enjoyed it again. If you keep bringing Mike back, I’ll keep coming to your conference!”

“Great life examples to help get points across. Good to have audience participation — got everyone involved.”

“She was energetic and funny — kept us aware. Very informative.”

“Mike brings to mind very pertinent topics in our aging population. Critical to know how wellness is important as baby boomers stay in the workforce longer. Mike is a good choice to conclude the day and conference.”

“Used humour to help everyone stay focused; very informative!”

“Very upbeat; entertaining, good interaction with audience.”

“If you keep bringing Mike back, I’ll keep coming to your conference!”

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