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Fatigue Consultations and Program Development

Evidence gained from the NAGA will enable the development of an appropriately informed plan to establish an effective FRMS designed specifically for your organization. Our experts have a proven track record at not only helping establish the essential elements of a fatigue management program, but also the accompanying guidance documents that layout the organizational commitment to the process.

Solaris is available to take ownership of the development process or to simply assist in facilitating an internal champion or committee to drive the process forward in a sustainable manner.

Policy Development

  • Clearly define the goal of the fatigue management plan, leadership commitment and stakeholder roles and responsibilities

Development of Procedures

  • Establish standard operational procedures for fatigue risk assessment and mitigation

Development of Strategic Plans

  • Education and Training Plans
  • Rostering Plans
  • Detection and Monitoring Plans
  • Health Screening Plans
  • Analytics Plans
  • Error and Incident Investigation Plans