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Education and Training

Solaris provides expert course development and delivery of training for classroom situations, e-learning, or a combination of both. Formal certification workshops can be hosted by an organization for their internal staff, or staff can be sent to one of our open call workshops held at various locations.

Content will be driven by the targeted audience. Solaris offers three levels of education:

Leadership / Management Awareness

  • Designed to solidify commitment and engagement necessary to support programming efforts by providing a results oriented business case
  • Includes a review of current regulations, standards, and industry guidance documents relative to your specific sector
  • Available in 4 and 8 hour sessions tailored to your organization
  • Contact us for more information or to book your session

Supervisor, Safety & Health Committee Training

  • Designed to provide tools and strategies relative to identifying and monitoring worker fatigue, fatigue proofing strategies to reduce errors and incidents, development or modification of an incident analysis process to incorporate investigation of potential fatigue related factors
  • Tailored 8 hour training session including the incorporation of current fatigue management policies and procedures that may be in place
  • Contact us for more information or to book your session

Workers and Family

  • Designed to provide personal strategies to improve sleep hygiene, safe work performance, and family and social relationships
  • 2 and 4 hour sessions available for non-shift workers
  • 4 and 8 hour sessions available for shift workers
  • Contact us for more information or to book your session

Coming soon:

Open call certification workshops (great for continuing education credits)
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Program Consulting

Fatigue Risk Assessments